I'm called Haven.  Maybe that is because I am now in a Safe Haven here at EARS.  I guess I was lost, so a good person took me in for medical treatment and then brought me to EARS so they could help me find a FOREVER HOME.  I have the prettiest little face, and I even have eye lashes.  But I do  have eye infections due to herpesvirus.  Did you know that Feline herpesvirus type 1 (FHV-1) is highly prevalent in cats, with up to 97% of cats being exposed to FHV-1 throughout their lifetime? We just all don't end up needing treatment.  So I need to let you know that I could be considered a 'Special Needs' kitty because I require having a special eye cream put into my eyes twice a day.  I have very silky fur, and a quiet "voice."  I like my human to rub my ears.  I really hope that someone with enough patience and love in their heart can give me a safe and comfortable place to call my own.  Fingers crossed.

Haven 21-0077 b_edited.jpg

These pictures say it all.  Gunner (aka Lobo) and Nog are BFFs.  

gunner nog happy birthday.jpg