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Hey there, I'm Saul and I'm looking for my Forever Home.  After spending a LOT of time with my EARS Foster Family, we have decided on what the IDEAL Forever Home for me should be.  I prefer having a single man as my person.  I'm not happy being around kids or other animals.  I enjoy spending time with that person who is active, energetic and will keep me busy.  He could even give me a job!  I'd like that.  Do you want to hear about what is one of my FAVORITE things ever?  I LOVE to be in the water,  I would be happy to be in the water or pool ALL DAY if you were in there with me!  If you think you are that Alpha male who can help me learn my place in the pack while welcoming and building up my good traits, then you might just be my PERFECT IDEAL FOREVER HOME.  If you are ready, willing and able to make a commitment to ME, please contact EARS so that we can meet and hopefully bond.

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These pictures say it all.  Gunner (aka Lobo) and Nog are BFFs.  

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Chi Chi

Hi there, I'm Chi Chi.  I am the lucky girl who was rescued by EARS and placed in a wonderful foster home.  When I came to EARS, I had lost the use of my front legs and nobody knew why.  But, by the love of EARS AND the incredible Englewood and surrounding community's compassion and donations, I was able to get the tests I needed to determine my specific issues and what proper treatment could help me feel better again.  Thanks to all of the community support I had, I was able to have an MRI and they found several issues.  I have a disk and scar tissue that are pressing on my spinal cord, a birth defect on the skull that is impeding the flow of spinal fluid and a cyst on my brain.   In order to try and fix these health issues I would require 3 different, very invasive surgeries that would not guarantee a full recovery.   On the advice from the Vet, I am now on two medications: one to ease the pain and pressure on my spine and the second to help the flow of spinal fluid.  So far I am doing very well.  My Foster mom is the best ever and has worked with me so much that I am able to actually walk on my own.  I'm so happy to walk in the yard and see things that I actually chase! :)  I've been described as very sweet and I love being with my human.  Ok lovers of furry friends, I'm ready for my FOREVER HOME!