Our Precious Pet Stories

Many of the animals on this page have been adopted or gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but they all hold a special place in our hearts.

EARS is a care-for-life facilty.  All of our pets are very special to us. Some of our animals cannot be adopted due to medical conditions and remain with EARS. Others have their own unique story that needs to be told in hopes of finding them perfect furever homes.


Big Boy

Is Still


For his



Mama Mia has been with us since August 2016. She will stay with us in a foster home until she is adopted or lives out her natural life. 


 Sometimes a family picks out a  

pet to adopt and it  just doesn't fit.

At EARS you can foster and then once you fall in love you can adopt.  

Melanie was in foster care for eight months with Kathryn and Katrina. During that time she blossomed into a beautiful dog with their love and care.

All these dogs

got adopted !

Mojo's Story:


In the summer of 2014 Mojo was brought to us by a concerned neighbor who had seen Mojo's former owner mistreat him and saw that Mojo was wasting away to skin and bones.

EARS brought Mojo to the vet where it was found that his jaw had been broken weeks before and had now fused incorrectly, so that Mojo was only able to open his mouth a half inch.

Mojo's foster Mom babied him back to health, fed him softened high nutition food, played with him and eventually he gained strenght, weight and, most importantly, trust in people.

In March of 2015 Mojo was adopted by wonderful people who got him accepted into the prestegious University of Gainsville's Veternary Surgery unit. Mojo was operated on by a team of surgeons who were able to remove the bone bridge that had formed, freeing his jaw!

Now that Mojo has got his groove back he's helping other dogs, too!

Donate to EARS Mojo Fund by clicking on the Donate button or by putting your spare change into the cans around town. The money in this fund will be used for Vet bills that go above and beyond our normal budget.



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