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Martin, Luther, Junior and Andy

Every rescue has a story.  The four of us brothers, Martin, Luther, Junior and Andy, were found outside a commercial building by a very kind woman.  She took us in and cared for us.  In other words, she rescued us and fostered us until there was room for us at EARS.


Although we were lovingly cared for, our social development has been a bit slow.  We are still timid with strangers (a couple of us more so than others).  If we feel safe, we accept petting, but are not comfortable being picked up, yet.  We are a work in progress.  Improvement happens, but at a slow pace.


Martin 22-0136 new edited_edited_edited.jpg

UPDATE:  March 2, 2023. We have been at EARS for six months now.  We are still waiting patiently for our forever homes.  I’m Junior.  Some people call me “the mush.” I am very calm and really enjoy being talked to and being petted.   I’m Luther.  I like being petted and having my ears scratched.  I looove playing with spring toys.  I’m Martin.  Like my brother, Junior, I am calm, and I love watching Luther play with the spring toys.  Sometimes I even join in.  I’m Andy. I am still shy of people.  I think I would do much better if I had my own home and didn’t have to live in a room with many other cats and different people going in and out.


Are you one of the ones who will adopt us?  I just know if we can get the ball rolling, we will all find our forever homes soon.

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