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We are so happy to report that Gunner's 2nd surgery was a success.  He got the "All Clear" from the Vet.  He will be able to live a healthy and active life.  Thank you to everyone that donated and kept this handsome, sweet boy in your thoughts and prayers.  

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...UPDATE 5:  FEBRUARY Gunner had his second surgery.  The healing process will take about six weeks.  We are trying to keep him subdued for that time.  We are praying this surgery will be a  success.

...UPDATE 4:  JANUARY 1  Some not so good news about our sweet Gunner. The surgery he just had didn't work . Doc said it could be a few different reasons it didn't work.. so we have a couple different options. These surgeries are expensive, and EARS sanctuary has been so gracious with fundraising the money for Gunner. We just don't know what to do now.  Our choices are , try to do the surgery again and maybe it will take .... Or have a surgery that basically lowers the knee bone.... Or a VERY expensive surgery that basically gives him a prosthetic knee bone.

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Update: February 2022
Gunner helped rehabilitate Charlie, one of the dogs from North Carolina.  He was an amazing Foster Brother.  The rescued helping the rescue.

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...UPDATE 3:  These updates are from Gunner's Mom Gunner got the all clear today from Doc. Although he still has to take it easy for a little while longer, stiches are out and everything is healing. He walks like a new dog, and we are still trying to keep him from running...that's kinda hard with his new lease on life.

...UPDATE 2: Our sweet Gunner is doing FANTASTIC!! He is walking so well and his incision looks amazing. He did not like the cone of shame so we bought a net muzzle guard.  He's much happier with it. 


...UPDATE: Gunner is doing so well, walking like a champ!! Doc said it is best not to use the wheelchair as his recovery will go faster without it. Thank goodness we had it just in case. But looks like he is making a great start to his recovery....

Gunner (aka Lobo) is a stunning 1-year-old boy who was born with a condition where his back knees dislocate.  Surgery is essential to correct this issue.  We have had to wait until he reached full growth before scheduling the procedure.  December 10th will be his first surgery.  Each knee costs $1700.

Gunner was surrendered to EARS when he was 7months old.  His fosters quickly learned there was an issue with his back legs and EARS was able to find a canine orthopedic surgeon.

In the meantime, his fosters took him to a local dog park to socialize, and he met his BFF Nog.  Nog's parents knew they had to adopt Lobo (now Gunner).  They were willing to help this beautiful boy live his best life before and after surgery and the physical therapy it would take.

The bond between Gunner and Nog is so heartwarming, they truly love each other.  Brothers and BFFs.

Recently it became much harder for Gunner to walk for long periods of time.  A beautiful couple donated a dog wheelchair and Gunner has adapted to it quickly.  We will keep you updated on his surgery.

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