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...This was the only home I had ever known, and I didn’t know what to do.  I just hung around the neighborhood, hoping that one day the door to my home would be opened, and I could go back in.  

The neighbors all said what a good boy I was and let me play with their children and dogs. They would leave food and water out for me, but nobody was able to take me in. Fortunately for me, a young woman, who volunteered at EARS Animal Rescue, was visiting a friend in my neighborhood. She saw me and learned my history. She immediately put me in her car, took me to her home and let me stay INSIDE!

She had lots of other animals and two young children for me to play with. I could tell that with the children and all the other animals she had, having a big puppy like me was stressful for her. She contacted EARS Animal Rescue to see if they could help in finding me a foster home to stay in until a permanent home could be found.


EARS took me to the doctor to get me neutered, brought up to date on my shots and heartworm tested. Unfortunately for me, the months of living outside with all those pesky mosquitos led me to test positive for heartworm. The treatment to cure my heartworm lasted many weeks.   The worst part was spending so much time in my crate as this treatment requires lots of inactivity. While I was going through this treatment process, a very nice family saw my picture, heard my story, and decided they wanted to meet me!

 They met me at the doctor’s office and decided they wanted to help me and asked if I could come and live them while I finished my treatment. Well, needless to say, with me being such a good boy, they fell in love with me, and I fell in love with them. I went to the veterinarian for my follow-up heartworm test and was told that I was heartworm free and was ready to be adopted. It didn’t take the family I was living with, and loved so much, long to decide that they couldn’t give me up, and they adopted me!

My life got off to a rocky start, but now I have a family of my very own with wonderful parents, a 15-year-old two-legged brother, and two dog and two cat siblings to play with. Finally, I have my own family, and they let me live INSIDE! Here is a picture of me with Susan, my mom, and Kylan, my two-legged brother. My dad, Rino, wasn’t able to make it for the photo shoot, but that’s okay, I forgive him, because I am a good boy!

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