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Our cats are housed in open rooms where visitors and potential adopters are welcome to mingle with them.  We encourage adopters to spend some time with the cats before making a selection, as it takes time to appreciate their personalities.  Often it is the cat that chooses the person!  Staff and volunteers are available to answer your questions and provide any background information that EARS has available.

Kittens under 2 years -- $100

Cats 2yrs to 10 yrs --$50

Cat over 10 yrs old -- $25

Our dogs are placed into foster homes.  Foster homes provide a stable environment for the dog and the foster families can continue to socialize them and reinforce good behaviors until the dogs find their forever home.


 EARS Staff is available at the Rescue to answer questions about the dogs and adoption process.  The fosters can provide first-hand information about the dog's personality.  Arrangements may be made through the shelter manger (941) 681-3877 to meet a dog at its foster home or at EARS Adoption Center & Pet Store.

Dogs under 7 yrs --$350

Dogs 7yrs to 10 yrs --$250

Dogs over 10 yrs old --$150

Before they are made available for adoption, all pets are:


  • Spayed / neutered

  • Vaccinated

  • Tested (Heartworm, FeLV/FIV)

  • Treated with preventative medications

  • Micro-chipped

We are grateful to our Veterinarians for providing excellent care to our EARS pets!

Animal Rescue Coalition      

6320 Tower Lane, Sarasota, FL


Laurel Road Veterinary Clinic

2474 Laurel Road East,, Nokomis, FL


Englewood Animal Hospital    

340 N. Indiana Ave., Englewood, FL                          


Lemon Bay Animal Hospital

3060 McCall Rd., Englewood, FL


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