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...were raised by two stray-cat mothers during the end of summer of 2022. It was Leola, the bronze tabby dominant mother, and her sister, Amythest, who first came to me, skinny and nursing between them six kittens. I coaxed them with food and began interacting with them by the end of August. The mothers would let me pet them, and shortly after the kittens, at approximately  eight weeks old, began to be enticed with kitten food and toys.  The kittens all loved to eat and play together, but were still very skittish  of human contact.  Finally, I was able to get close enough, crouching over the food dish while calling "Here Kitty Kitty.”  I could reach over and gently touch them, and they let me. At nine weeks their eyes turned from blue to green, and I watched them grow like little weeds. Observations of love and patience by these mother cats were not just lessons for the kittens' safety. Who knew there is such a thing as cat psychology? And yet the mothers’ instincts were ever present and ever watchful with purrr-ing calls and distinct me--eeeows. The kittens learned to heed and obey. They all played chase games and bounded through fields together.

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Then the hurricane happened, and their protection was violated. The fence blew over and flood water forced them out of shelter into harm's way. Eagles, hawks, snakes and coyotes, were all disoriented and looking for the vulnerable. The two remaining kittens that survived were Calypso and Sparrow. Leola and Amythest also survived and they huddled together unbeknownst to me under the neighbors house. I tried so hard to catch them before the storm but to no avail, and nature took its course. 

Today, as of Feb. 1, 2023, Calypso and Sparrow are more than half grown: healthy, frisky, and still learning to ride the fence between the wild and the tame. I know that they will always be survivors. They are beautiful in the process, and I am lucky to have witnessed such love between sibling brothers and sisters.

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Note:  Calypso and Sparrow are available for adoption at Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary.  Leola, mamma cat, was also taken to EARS and was adopted into her loving forever home.

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