Assist to Adopt

Occasionally EARS is asked to help rehome a pet.  The pet is not "surrendered" to EARS, it remains with its owner.  EARS posts information on  the pet as well as a way to contact the owner. The transfer of ownership is directly between the owner and the adopter. EARS does not provide medical care to these pets, nor in any way assist with the adoption process. EARS merely provides a platform  for the owner to reach the public.  Owner must be contacted to answer any and all questions.

Athena and nova

I am Athena, the beautiful black kitty with the white star.  My friend is Nova.  I guess I'll do the talking, maybe because I am a tad older (even though we are both a year or less) and a bit more outgoing.  We have a bonded friendship.  When you work through something hard together, it can strengthen a friendship, right?  We are ready to go to our home.  Please contact our rescuer for our story.  Hope to hear from you.

Rescuer:  Connie

(941) 681-1577


Hi, I'm Roxy. Can't you tell just by my photo that I am a sweet, happy dog?  I know lots of commands.  I am smart and I am very obedient.  I have human siblings, and I have so much fun with them.  I get excited when they come home because they might just be ready for a game of fetch! Call or email my contact below to find out all about me.


Contact:  Andrew

(941) 223-4590

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