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EARS' mission

EARS' mission is to provide safe, clean, compassionate shelter for dogs and cats that have lost their homes and to place these dogs and cats into loving, permanent homes.

How we get our funding

EARS is a 501(c) 3, non-profit, volunteer-based organization.  EARS receives no government subsidies.  Funding comes from monetary donations, receipts from EARS' Thrift and Pet Stores, pet adoption donations and fund-raising events.

Members of our community and local businesses generously donate their time, skills and resources!


Meet our Shelter Manager

Todd Zimmerman is our Shelter Manager. 


In October 2016 Todd started as the Assistant Manager for EARS and in October 2018 when the position opened, Todd was appointed manager. 


Todd oversees the daily management of the Pet Store and Adoption Center.  He approves admission of all pets and coordinates the placement of dogs into their foster homes.  He is the liaison between potential adopters and foster families.  Todd evaluates the available medical records of the surrendered cats and dogs and schedules any medical care that is needed. 


Todd is the contact for all volunteers in the Pet Store and Adoption Center to answer questions and resolve issues.  He reviews and approves all adoption applications.


Peggy Hauptman, EARS Founder


EARS was founded by Peggy Hauptman.  A women with a pure heart who loved all living creatures had a vision to care for pets in need.  In 2001, supported by her husband Paul Hauptman and daughter Jaxzann Riggs-Berkowitz; other family members and close friends she began to embark on the creation of what would become EARS, Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary.

Peggy personally supported increased spay/neuter programs, more aggressive adoption campaigns, and the development of a unique sanctuary to care for pets.  Her dream was to build and operate a care-for-life sanctuary for domestic animals - dogs, cats, and bunnies.

Peggy passed away in March of 2006 without realizing her dream, but left it in the hands of the EARS board of directors, staff, and volunteers committed to finalizing her dream.

In March of 2011, a new board of directors was established.  These dedicated individuals were involved with EARS and wanted to ensure that Peggy's dream continues.  EARS continues to grow on a daily basis and increase the number of precious pets rescued and re-homed.

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